Friday, February 21, 2014

The Complainers

Ok we know that we all complain one time or the other. That is a given, as long as we human beings live, we have been complaining about one thing or the other and will keep on complaining till we die. And you had thought that it is just a few items we are talking about. No, we have a long list of complaints and if one complaint gets resolved, the other one starts. And thus we keep on complaining and complaining. This article was triggered by the fact that lately every week we have been having snow and for the last few days every day and my wife does not like it one bit and have been complaining ever since this brutal and unusual snow weather pattern started and I have been calm since we live in the northeast and hence snow is part of the weather pattern we have chosen to accept as given but as human beings we love to complain. And I started to think that how we human beings complain about everything which does not go our way. Like if there is too much snow and cold, we want no snow and lots of sun and if the days get hotter beyond our likeness we start complaining about how hot it is. And then we long for the winter months when it is not too hot, perfectly in the knowledge that the nature does not work according to our likes or dislikes. Our complaint does not end with Mother Nature but encompasses all types of stuff.

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