Friday, February 21, 2014

Rest in peace

If you have been reading my blog, you may have across an article entitled “A better Place”. It was not meant to be offensive but I had an issue with this phrase since many people use it without knowing what it is or what it is suppose to be meant by. The only think they know is that there is a much better place than this world where there are no worries. It is just in their minds since nobody has gone there and come back to narrate what it is really like to be there. And the only clue is in the Holy Scriptures, which people of different religions has and read it every day. And now we say and hear this word almost every day whenever we hear the news about someone whom we know remotely dying or have died. And it is repeated millions of times a day through the word in different languages. The expression, May he/she rest in peace or the like may his/her soul rest in peace means the same since it signifies that the soul is restless when they are in this world and with all the worries gone (supposedly), the soul will get a chance to take a breather and will/may rest in peace but does it really? Although people wish it and we all hope it is but it is debatable because nobody knows what happens in the grave after your die (or cremated) and nobody has come back to tell if they are really resting in peace or suffering for their sins. It is my sole opinion that we are wishing and hoping everybody who leaves this earth rest in peace but we have actually have to see if that is true in every case.

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