Thursday, February 13, 2014

On the Business Path: Internet Business-20

Although you can find many articles on how to start a business, this is my take on it and it is just a brief introduction on what you should do when you have physical products to sell. If you are going to do purely internet based business then you have to have different model. You don’t need a physical location to store your products since your products are essentially on the internet. You do everything on the internet and you can sell it to the people without them getting something physical. You can sell tutorial, Music you made, videos that you have made and teach something on the internet which the people can access it by either streaming or downloading on their computer. And for some people it has become their living. You will still need some space to put your stuff but the need to have a big storage space is not there. Since the beginning of cloud computing you can now put your stuff on the internet without worrying about storage space on your hard drive. You will also see lots of tutorial and consulting work being done on the internet as more and more people are finding work on the internet which is very convenient to even retired people and stay at home moms and also for second income as people don’t have to stop working at the end of Friday. From now on I will give you detailed things about how to run your business like marketing, pricing, contacting customers, ordering supplies etc. As a business person it will be an ongoing learning process for you and it never finishes as you learn every day how to manage and grow your business.

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