Thursday, February 13, 2014

On the Business Path: Internet Business-16

If you have already decided what you are going to be specializing in then you can start working on finding suppliers for it. As I said before you can find it through wholesalers, distributors, closeouts, through auction sites, visiting garage sales or flea markets and even if you have money contact the manufacturer directly. If you want new products the best way to approach is to go directly to the manufacturer of that product and ask for their terms and conditions. You must be a state or federal corporate company in order to do business with them, but if you are new to the market, they may not even listen to you. In this case, the second best thing is to contact closeouts, wholesalers and distributors and find out their minimum in order to avail the best price for the product. Just be careful that you are not caught with counterfeit goods otherwise your business will come crumbling down faster than you think. You see counterfeit goods are flooding the market in the United States and other countries and it is not just the any country but some countries do copy brand name goods and sell it as the genuine products and cause billions of dollars of losses to the actual manufacturers. If you want your goods to be perceived as real and not fake and you want to build a reputation for your business, it is better to get the real stuff. I know that the real stuff is sometimes more expensive then the fake ones but reputation is more important in running a business.

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