Saturday, February 15, 2014

The faces in the public

If you have gone to work every day you may or may not have noticed the faces of the people with whom you share your travel commute whether on a train, walking, taking a bus or just standing waiting for your transportation to come. Do you ever notice the number of people smiling and laughing to work even talking with their friends? I rarely see smile on people when walking/commuting to my workplace, everybody seems so tired and are not in the mood to chit chat or have a conversation since they just want to read their place of work. Just notice for one day and you will see what I am saying. Even if you see yourself going towards work, you will notice that you are not in any way cheerful or look forward to have a "good day" at work as people say to you when you have met someone early in the morning and when departing you say to them or they to you. Although they meant well about having a "good day", but maybe you are already having a miserable day and it sometimes shows on your face when going towards your work. Just the tired faces that you keep on seeing in the morning. People are generally not happy going to work especially if it is a miserable day from the start like it is snowing or raining and you have not only to make your way towards work but also to keep yourself dry. The tired faces I see every day has stories behind it that we will never know but generally very few people go smiling to their jobs as they may have many things on their minds and that keeps may help to explain their disdain for work because they have to earn their living and very few people want to acknowledge it but it is most of the time boring and tiring.

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