Friday, February 21, 2014

The Complainers-2

We complain when there is too much traffic and we complain when we have to stand in line to pay for our stuff, we complain when there is no water and then if we don’t have light then we complain again. If somebody is driving slowly, we complain again and if we have to wait in the doctor’s office or somewhere else we complain. We don’t have enough time to do all our chores and guess what we complain that we should have more than 24 hours to do it. We complain when we are hungry, eaten too much, have a headache or just tired, did not get enough sleep or have other reasons to complain. The main issue is why we complain. As human beings we know that not everything is under our control and that is the main reason. It is our helplessness that things are under our control all the time and in perfect synchronicity with our wishes that we feel like complaining. And complaining is the only mechanism we have without resorting to violence or any other criminal behavior. And that you can say is the biggest asset for us as we keep on complaining but remaining under the decent bonds of civility. I know sometimes we yell or curse so that our complaints can at least be heard (wishful thinking) but sometimes we don’t and we complain to our own sub conscious or within our own confinements of security. We complain to our loved ones and the people who understand what we are going through and they know that we can only complain and not do anything else. And that is the beauty of us human being complainers.

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