Saturday, February 15, 2014

Suppression of facts

So why I am talking about it and who does it? Everybody does it, some do it on a small scale so as not to be discovered and others do on a massive scale like corporations and still others do on incredibly large scale like the governments who don’t want their citizens and the world know what is happening or have happened in the past or will happen in the future. Why do people do it because they want to hide some embarrassing episode in their lives which they don’t want their family or friends to know about it because it can potentially damaging to them or they think that once the facts are revealed the people hearing the revelation would not understand the circumstances under which the facts were suppressed. The corporations suppress the facts regarding their wrong doings so that they can either earn more money or don’t want their competitors to know their secrets or even want to deceive the government. But the biggest suppressors of facts are the governments. The governments don’t want their citizens to know what they are doing or have been doing and sometimes it is essential (for them at least) to keep the facts hidden in terms of their treatment of minorities and spying on their citizens. And sometimes history is distorted or suppressed widely through educational system so that the next generation does not develop the habit the questioning of facts or the facts are so much buried sometimes that only a curious and adventurous person can gain access to it and then the fact is not accepted by the general public even if it comes out because people refuse to believe that their own governments (with their families employed) can lie to them. And this suppression of facts goes on in every corner of the globe and no government is immune to it as it is in their own interest to keep their citizens and the international public in the dark about their hiding of facts.

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