Thursday, February 13, 2014

On the Business Path: Internet Business-7

But for now let’s stick to the rent option on the servers of the hosting companies which are numerous and have very low rental fees. Other countries may have their own hosting companies and they can charge in their own currencies or you can live in another country and still utilize U.S. based or other foreign hosting companies. Whatever you do, you have to choose carefully your requirements, although most of the companies do list almost everything that is needed to run a website completely and with minimal intervention but you still have to do cost and benefit analysis to come out with your best hosting companies. There is another option of going with free hosting companies. And as with almost everything free, they have their disadvantages. There is no such thing as completely free as these companies may be hosting your website on their own leased sites and they have to pay their own hosting companies fees. Free hosting companies generate their fees by advertisements and if they are hosting your company for free on their servers they will insert ads into your website which may have nothing to do with your website and if you want the ads to be removed then you will have to pay for it. Another drawback is that you may not even have your own domain name as it may be an extension of the host company website. And again you can have it removed by buying your own domain name. But as they say you get what you pay for and if it is free then there must be some catch and these are some of the catches that you get and professionally if you are starting a business, you don’t want it to be hosted on a free web hosting company.

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