Tuesday, July 19, 2011

You need to create your own destiny

Okay seriously you have to do it otherwise nobody else is going to create one for you. I mean to say that since you don’t know what you can or cannot achieve without trying, it is time to try it with a huge dose of confidence and if failure comes, then it can be a lesson to try again. I mean to say that when I read stories about people sending out their resumes for the nth time in such and such time, I just believe that instead of putting so much effort in doing something which is a hit or a miss, why not go solo and start something where you can be your own boss, until something does come along your way and somebody does hire you.

I see people getting disappointed about their job prospects, running out of benefits, resigned to the life of either unemployment, on government welfare or just take early retirement and start getting lower social security benefits and early 401k benefits withdrawals. I do know that it is hard to start something which you have not done in your life, working for yourself is not easy but I believe it is easier than sending out your resume, getting your hopes down or waiting for that breakthrough while at the same time wasting your time for three or maybe four hours of job searching. It is time to create your own destiny, your own job prospects so that you don’t have to depend on the elusive job call that may or may not come.

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