Sunday, July 17, 2011

Frustrations with technology

Some times when I am in the office and working on the computer, it freezes up and I have no idea why it does that. The same thing happens when some times I am trying to print and the printer seems not be attached. Sometimes the computer crawls to a slow and despite my frustrated attempts to keep on hitting some keys to make it faster, it does not. Maybe it is because it is on a network and many people are working on it. But you know that even when I am at home, the computer does freeze up and despite my numerous attempts it does not budge. So the only thing I do is to shut the computer down completely and restart it again.

The same thing happens when I am on the internet, one time it is working perfectly and then all of a sudden it freezes and no amount of effort can unfreeze it and then I have to restart the computer again. This and other numerous problems have accompanied the technology that we are so accustomed to it by now. We have taken technology so much for granted that any time it slows or freezes or does not work for some reason, we become extremely frustrated (at least me in this case) and lash out at what machine we are using. This is what we are dealing with, we can’t live without technology as it has become an indispensable part of our lives and still we hate it and get extremely frustrated when it does not work.

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