Sunday, July 17, 2011

Desperate for anybody

I have seen this that every time some obscure politician does something out of the ordinary, people and especially the media try to speculate that that particular politician has an ambitious agenda going all the way up to the Presidency. Take for example the governor of New Jersey, when he started to take on the unions and his opposition party in the legislature and had some tough talk about the future of his state, the media started the hype of him being having ambitious of campaigning for a future election. The same thing happened with the New York, when he championed and fought and won the rights of gay marriage, there was again talks of him being politically ambitious for a higher office.

I don’t have any qualms about who gets running for the president and what not. But why the media had to start the speculation of higher aspirations when the politician has not said anything. But it is also that particular politician’s fault also that they don’t even refute this speculation and keep the media guessing. It may be because they like the limelight. But my point here is that we are so desperate for new faces and new ideas that when some politician does something radically different and wins over hard to win unions and entrenched interests, he or she instantly becomes the darling of the media and the frustrated public. We just desperate for anybody who may have a magic wand and that wand would instantly solve all our problems. Such is the desperation of all of us.

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