Sunday, July 17, 2011

Saying NO to credit card solicitations

I really hate the fact that I keep on receiving these credit card solicitations now and then which I have then to rip it off in anger. It just makes me mad that even in spite of this I keep on receiving it. If I really want a credit card, I will research and try to find the best that will suit my needs. I don’t need somebody to baby walk me to one. Even more than this, I receive credit card solicitations in my other house where the tenants have either left the country or are being delinquent on every kind of loan. I don’t really get this, why do the credit card companies do this. If they have access to my score, they should know that I don’t like to keep too many credit cards. I have opened one credit card in the last maybe 10 years or so and I know the perils of having too much credit in my hands.

I know it can be a temptation to have a new credit card with a limit so that you can spend more money. But remember that money is not yours and you have to pay it back. If not then your credit score would go down. Along with that the stress that you can have with too much debt can affect your health adversely (unless debt does not bother you a bit). But anyway, the best thing to do with these credit cards is to rip it off right away without thinking. You should be able to manage your debt with two or at most three cards and not more than that.

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