Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On the lighter side-Travel- Houston, Texas, USA

Although I was trying to avoid this trip for unknown reasons, but ultimately it was too close to the in laws family to ditch it and also everybody in the family was going to this wedding except the lone holdout (me) and I relented with deals to Houston direct on the Independence Day weekend at approximately $350 return. Since we had split up the family into two different flights (I got the direct one and other family members got the one stopover one). Our flight got there almost twenty minutes early, but the menu was not that great with just liquids to drink free and other things on sale. Apart from this everything went smooth, but my family and other members of the in laws were not that lucky and they had a delayed stopover in Atlanta.

We were the first one to reach the motel which seemed like an eternity driving on the Houston roads after midnight. The motel was comfortable and since I had not slept that much, I immediately hit the bed not realizing that my family came at about 4 in the morning (yeah I know I am bad). Well we all woke up in the morning to find out that the breakfast time was up till 10 on a Sunday. Well thankfully a coffee shop was just across the road. So I decided to go there to get some coffee and breakfast for some people in the family. I had already taken a shower but by the time I reached coffee shop, I wanted to take another shower since it was steamy hot in Houston.

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