Sunday, July 17, 2011

Can we create jobs here in America?

The answer is yes, we can create jobs in America, only if the regulations are a little bit relaxed and the corporation’s (or investors) thinking about long term profits not short term gains. There are people in this country who are willing to work longer only if jobs are available. But it just seems that jobs have been disappearing faster and what ever there remains need high levels of skills or are of low wages with no chances of advances (despite the hype on the contrary). Big areas of the U.S. are empty, where you can create lots of industries with jobs, but the trend of outsourcing and cheap labor lures even the companies which are here.

The one thing I don’t understand is if the jobs are going to be outsourced, how the unemployed people here will be able to afford the products that are then imported from cheaper places abroad. The jobs created here can enable people here to spend money here. But this is not happening and the real higher earnings jobs are being created for highly skill people and not for the common folk who may be struggling just to put food on the table and may have no money for retraining if ever they are willing and able to train. Retraining is a big thing now but even with that there is little evidence it will help a lot of unemployed people since the jobs are simply not there to support the retrained people. It is time to create jobs by investing in new factories where the real work is done because we should face the fact that not everybody is cut out to sit in the office and do the mental work that the new jobs will demand.

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