Tuesday, July 19, 2011

The price of rising prices

If you have gone shopping to a store or just to grocery shop, you would have found out that prices have increased while the quantity has decreased. But you salary has either been increased slightly or it has been stagnant, at the same time you are trying to fight inflation and fruitlessly balancing your household budget. Sometimes it happens to me and it does make me angry that the thing you are used to buying a certain price and have budgeted a particular amount to it becomes insufficient and then you have to either reduce the intake or find some other substitute. In the case of groceries or regular household stuff you may be able to substitute brand name with store brand.

But in the case of gasoline, where you are supposed to go, there are not many alternatives since cannot get gasoline coupons unless you have one of the gas station credit cards. You can only keep on cutting so much in your life and a time comes when you have to start choosing between what you can pay first and what can be postponed for the next month. And then that time is gone too and then you have to start making extra money or just go to government welfare system. It is particularly hard with little kids especially. I can only wish that the prices are not increased much further, but the wish is just that because of over exploding population, less job opportunity available, increasingly appetite of rising middle classes in China, India, Brazil, Indonesia and the like, this rise in prices will keep on rising squeezing more people into a tighter spot monetarily.

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