Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Massacre in Norway

Lest anybody thinks that I don’t cover international events or ignore terribly horrendous events such as the massacre in Norway, here is my point of view on it. It was really shocking that it happened of all places, the quiet Nordic country of Norway. Normally, terrorism is not associated with Nordic countries, but this particular event has shocked the complacency of that nation. When it first happened, the first thing that came to my mind as was with all the other people was that it must be part of an Al-Qaeda attack, since it had all the hallmark of them. But after all was done, it was to the shock of all was a blond Norwegian guy Christian Ultra Right wing extremist.

I am still in a shock to find out that he alone had the capacity to kill so many people (at last count above 70) for more than an hour and there was no police or any other security agency to stop him. As was said by him that he was not happy with the immigration policies of Norway and was planning this attack since 2009 and he has been working with other sleeper cells in Europe. Now the European Police will have their hands full dealing already with the Al-Qaeda threat and now this Ultra right wing Christian extremism that was always there in Europe but was never taken seriously. It is now the dream come true for Al-Qaeda that they always wanted a clash of civilizations and now they will have an excuse to say that see we were right. It is good to know that Norway has vowed to keep its immigration policies intact. The question they will be asking now is how to reconcile their openness to the world with the real threat of extremist violence that they have witnessed in their midst. It is now time to wake up to every kind of terrorism and label them as such.

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