Tuesday, July 19, 2011

On the lighter side-Travel- Houston, Texas, USA-3

Anyway going out every night to the rituals of wedding was exhausting but also exciting. After everything was said and done, it was time to leave Houston, since my flight was earlier than other family members, we reached airport one hour before but I was told that I had to be there two hours before to check in the baggage. It was frustrating that I had to miss by earlier flight but I was put on standby for the next available flight. I accepted that and then proceeded towards the gate number. Since I had not eaten since waking up, I went to Starbucks and had a coffee and a bagel to start my breakfast. After that I waited for the time when I will finally be out of the list of the standbys and into a confirmed seat.

And I did secure a seat finally on the next available flight. I was happy but when the plane was descending towards Newark airport in New Jersey, it hit turbulence. It was a bad one but not that much since we did not hit that much of it. But finally I came back got my baggage and then went to my house. The other family members were on a different later flight with a stopover in Atlanta and that is where they kept on getting delayed. After about two hours of delay, they finally made it back to New Jersey exhausted.

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