Thursday, July 28, 2011

Divergence between political and business goals

If you have read the newspapers any time of the year, there is most of the time divergence with what the government wants to regulate or tell what to do and the business battling it out with the government regarding how much they want to get regulated if any. It is rarely an instant that the government and businesses see eye to eye on issues affecting them. That is why if you happen to work in Washington, you would see lots of lobbyist working for businesses to blunt the effort of the legislators to bring anything on the house or senate floor which may harm the business industry. Politicians say that they have their constituents at heart when they put a bill to vote and thus want to protect them, while the business industry has issues with the cost of implementing them and how it will affect their bottom line.

You can take lots of example where the businesses and government clashed on issues which were wholly opposite to each other’s agenda. Take for example the hot topic of HI visas allocated to foreign nationals with high skill levels who are in short supply in the U.S. The businesses want to increase the quota of the HI visas so that they can bring in more foreign qualified candidates. Opposite to these are the legislatures and their constituents who cry foul to this as they say that since the U.S. has high unemployment we should be hiring our own and not importing from overseas.

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