Friday, July 22, 2011

Entrepreneurship at any age

Nowadays, entrepreneurship is all the rage especially with the young. It maybe due to the recession and job uncertainty that people have decided to try their luck on being their own boss. Although traditionally it is risky but ultimately it has its own rewards. But not everyone is cut out for starting their own business that is why you see so many jobs advertised and most of the traditional business schools and other schools are churning out graduates who are looking to work for some great established company. Although there is nothing wrong with that but there are only so many companies that are considered really world class and ideal for a working environment and also they may have only so many jobs to go around. And to be true although everybody has a dream for working for them (including me), the overwhelming majority of the graduates would end up working for some mid range or small company in their lifetime.

So it is nice to have a dream, but there should also be a reality that it will or cannot happen and you have to settle for less of your dream or you can own your own business or become your own boss. But you don’t have to leave your regular job to do but on the side (if time permits). Even if you don’t have a regular job, you can still start your own business without investing substantial amounts of money. With the advantage of internet right now, it is easier to start your business and it does not have to high tech or labor or capital intensive. A one man (or woman) business can easily be started with little money and then you can expand it later on. Even if you do get a job, you should also have a side business so that in case you get bored with your job or there is a threat of a layoff (always), you can always have a fall back job to pay your bills.

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