Friday, July 29, 2011

Divergent between business and political goals-2

Accusations fly on both sides with the politicians and their supporters saying that the business want to hire cheap outside labor and the businesses claim that there are not enough U.S. citizens qualified enough to do the job. Another example is the environment which the politicians want to put more restrictions on harmful chemicals generated and the businesses crying foul saying that if they restrict it then their competitors in countries where the rules regarding environment are more relaxed will benefit. Thus there will always be divergence of views regarding what each side sees is beneficial to them. Businesses are more concerned about their profits and revenues and will thus oppose anything which reduce or hinder their profit making ability.

The politicians on the other hand want to protect the common workers and thus may or may not understand the implications their proposed law may do to the business environment. How to reconcile both of these divergent goals. Well first the businesses should be invited on all the important legislations impacting them and hearing their side of the story instead of just putting aside their concerns and favoring their voters. On the other hand, the business should do a better job in trying to convince the legislators their point of view. I can understand that sometimes the businesses and even the politicians have their self interests in heart but in order to create a more favorable and internationally competitive environment, both the parties will have to listen to each other more frequently.

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