Thursday, July 21, 2011

The snowball effect of a single unemployment

Sometimes people dismiss unemployment as the unfortunate part of one’s life but gone through two of these so called “unfortunate” part of one’s life, trust me on this that it does not affect only one person. Although the primary sufferer is the one who is unemployed but it affects all the part of that person life whether he is single or is married. Let’s take for example the single person (I will get to the part where the married one suffers). Although that unemployed person may be single but it affects his or her parents, girl friends or boyfriends (if they have any), his siblings (since he or she is unable to give them presents etc). The worries that engulf that person is his/her own and employed people don’t know how it feels to have let themselves and their loved ones down.

Although it may or may not be his/her fault that they are unemployed, but the feeling of helplessness in the face of no job affects their life tremendously. The whole perspective on their life becomes changed and they start to doubt their usefulness to themselves and society. Their social lives are restricted due to the crunch of money. Although the so called experts say that the unemployed should keep a positive outlook and keep looking but the months of rejection and search can just take a tool on the poor soul. You just feel like a beggar asking for a job when due to no fault of yours, society and corporations have let you down. You start to doubt your education and even though you may cheer yourself up with getting up late in the mornings and maybe going to the gym or try to pass time by meeting your friends but your life just revolves around the worries of getting a job even if does not show up in your face.

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