Friday, July 22, 2011

The snowball effect of a single unemployment-3

As more and more time passes without any interview or a lead or no response to your resumes, a kind of panic situation sets in and you try to avoid eye contacts or other forms of conversation with your spouse. Sometimes you just avoid financial conversations and most of times; you go out of your way to do extra household chores so that you can feel useful to the household. But depending on your wife’s job is really very hard. Sometimes the spouses understand but sometimes they are not since they think that if they have a job then you can get one too. As your search drags on with no sight for any job prospects, the financial fights with your spouse becomes intense and then accusations fly from both sides but mainly from the side of the working spouse.

Even if you feel that you don’t have an ego, surviving on your spouse’s job and health insurance will wreck your health and psychological being. Since you cannot survive on your savings for long, you try to do whatever it takes to bring some money so that you can be considered a useful family of the household. And not only that you family becomes more worried and then your in laws start to question of how come you can’t get a job if you are very qualified. You cannot ignore your wife but start to ignore hers and your relatives so that they cannot quiz you on your job search. So a single unemployment not only effects yourself but also your family and all those loved ones around you.

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