Wednesday, July 27, 2011

Fire drills

The other we had a fire drill in our office, with the building fire chief informing us what to do when there is an alarm, what to use to evacuate the building and how to respond. We have this one I believe not sure yet every six months. Now I don’t really care how many they have it in a year. They have to follow the procedures but I still not get this fire drill. I mean if there is a fire, does anyone believe that they will follows instructions to the letter. It is a known human instinct that in time of panic, every type of patience and drill and instructions get thrown out of the window and it is usually every person for him (or her).

Unless you are professionally trained to handle fire emergencies or any kind of emergency for the matter, you will panic in times of fire or any kind of emergency. When a fire happens, even though the alarm is sound, people in high rise buildings try to exit as soon as possible. It is rare that when some sees their death in front of them, they will do whatever means that is necessary to escape it and a fire in this case is no exception. Although fire drills are a nice way to keep yourself prepared, but it will never replace the actual experience when you come face to face with a real fire.

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