Thursday, July 28, 2011

Are we really dependent?

I keep on constantly hearing and reading about in all the media outlets about how people become dependent on certain drugs or other items and can’t seem to wean themselves off them and some people who have the money join the rehab battling some dependency, while the less fortunate become more dependent and die or just become invisible to society. But are we or the humans really that weak that we easily become dependent and addicted to some thing and then have to seek help or just shrug it off as a disease or a malaise to be cured to the so called experts. I just believe that as individual we have become to easily adopted to the fact that if we blame something else for our dependency then we can find a cure for it and in that pursuit our society have come up with ways to indicate that it is not that individuals who should be at fault but their genes, or environment or other such fancy name to justify the intercession of medical experts.

Here I will blame the society that has given the individuals to find ways to indulge in abuse of something and then give them sympathy to their conditions. Although we humans are indeed weak but not that weak that a simple thing as a drug which does not have any life form or any other kind of control form can take over an individuals life to a point that they are seeking help to ward off their so called dependency.

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