Friday, July 22, 2011

The snowball effect of a single unemployment-2

Even when you like something and you want to buy it, you think twice before spending that precious unemployment insurance (if you have one) money on that particular item. I mean it is really tough for employed people to imagine how stressful it is for a single person not to have a job. But it becomes doubly or triply tougher if you have a wife and kids. Then you can just imagine what it feels like to be helpless and unworthy if you are a man. If your wife is working then you have got to do household chores and picking up kids from schools and all the things that your spouse does during the day so that when she (or he) comes home, there is less of household work for them to do.

And in such a situation, your spouse may ask you every day if you have looked for a job, send out resumes, talked to some recruiter, made some employment contacts, used unconventional ways to try to snare an interview. This constant hassling maybe understandable from the point of the working spouse but it does add another layer pressure on you to do extra more. Then there comes a point that you have to start panicking and looking for any job in any field to at least bring in some dough. For a man unemployed is very tough, since your wife expects that you put food on the table and the kids expects you to take them on trips and vacation since they don’t understand the whole unemployment thing.

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