Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Will the TEA PARTY be the savior of America?

There is a new Phenomenon on the horizon in the Political climate of the United States. It is called the rise of the TEA Party within the Republican Party. These Tea Partiers have been called a lot of names like the far right, racists, elitists, white disgruntled etc. But to call all of the names and just dismiss them as a radical fringe of the Republican Party will be a foolish mistake. These people from what I have read are that they are not happy in the way the country is heading for. Be that of the huge national debt or loss of control of their destinies or the deep recession or harboring of suspicion of the Democrat party, they are a party which is very afraid of the change that is going on in the world and would like to change what is happening around them.

I believe that with the deeply unpopular administration and the failure of it to create more jobs and also putting more us into more debt, there is substantial evidence that they will rack up impressive gains in the November 2010 congressional elections. But changing the way things are going on will not be easy for them since the world is changing very fast and with our ability handicapped by the recession and our loss of influence around the world, it will be interesting to see if the TEA Party will really be a savior of America or just another of a short lived phenomenon.

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