Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Ground Zero Mosque Controversy

Now after a long time I am stepping into a landmine by stating my two cents about the Ground Zero Mosque Controversy. First of all it is the right of the developers to build a mosque at Ground Zero as enshrined in the constitution. But do they have to build it so near to Ground Zero. Due to the highly stubborn attitude of the developers, they are sticking to their guns. If it has been acknowledged by the Imam of the said the mosque that had he known that the mosque will cause so much controversy, he would have not build it, then why he keeps on insisting on building it there. There are so many places in Manhattan the he could have chosen anywhere but he keeps on insisting of building it there and not heeding the voices of the majority of the people.

I really don’t understand these mosque builders, when there is so much opposition to building it why they keep on insisting on it, don’t they not care how much hatred and animosity they have created against the Muslims. I just believe that since the site is so much controversial, they should shelve this project and start somewhere else otherwise whatever goodwill and tolerance there is for the Muslims will be vanished and then they would have nobody but to the blame themselves.

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