Wednesday, September 29, 2010

It’s Time for a New World Order

The world has been changing very fast lately and the U.S. has been trying to keep up with the changes but it is falling short. It has not realized yet that nations are not listening to it as much as before. This may have been due to many factors but the main one I believe is the ongoing war in Iraq and Afghanistan and the financial situation we are here in now. Our foreign clout is becoming less and less and we have been unable to exert our influence in affairs that matters most. We have been frivolously trying to waste our energy in places where we should not be doing it in the first place, but due to some influential lobbying and misguided priorities we have been doing it on and on in almost every administration without getting any results.

The first new world order was done during the Elder Bush administration and it did not help that much since there was an increase in the defense budget and the world order did not last that much with terrorists’ attack in 1993 to world trade center and also the chaos that was left from the ashes of the broken Soviet Union. Then the 9/11 terrorists’ attack happened and we went to hyper drive to solve our problems militarily and with recession of 2001 and now this recession has come a need to realign our priorities to engage with the world through a New World Order based on realistic and not idealistic assumptions

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