Thursday, September 30, 2010

It’s Time for a New World Order-2

This does not mean we have to spend more money in order to create a Brand New world order. It means that we can prioritize our strategies so that we don’t stretch ourselves too thin financially and militarily and still fulfill our obligations to our allies. By obligations we mean that with respect to some treaties and other mutual cooperation. Since the end of the cold war and the realign of the terror threats we need to be in a state of quicker responses than the mentality of massing large amount of forces over a period of time. Our responses to the disasters should be quicker, faster, swift and monetarily manageable with help from other richer allies and not rely only on the U.S. taxpayers.

We are still in a state of denial of what we can and cannot do with respect of projecting our power and helping maintaining peace around the world while at the same time accumulating massive amounts of debt which sometimes goes to waste or we lose track of it or give aid to allies who waste it anyway or squander it without helping our cause or our interests (and you know whom I am talking about). I mean to say that how long we are going to waste our precious resources on foreign affairs/adventures when we are already in a deep rut due to this recession. There is only so much we can do as a superpower and we should ask our allies to share the burden of security and also we should realign our priorities.

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