Friday, September 17, 2010

The New Real Estate Signs Coming (Maybe)

I always see signs on the front yards of people stating the for sale signs for houses. Some are very obvious like for sale by owner, or for sale by the respective real estate agencies with names and telephone number of agents. Further more when the sale is in the final stages, I see signs like under contract or sale pending. I start to wonder that in this economy with the housing sales under a lot of pressure and people are having a hard time selling their houses, don’t we need to be creative in order to sell a house.

I have read stories that how some house owners have given cars and buy one get one free house to sell their houses. But they are the exception and it is not advertised prominently. There is a need to highlight out of the ordinary statements to move your house. (This is just humorous suggestions and not intended as serious advertisements). So lets see what should people advertise to sell their houses like “I am desperate please buy my house”. “I have taken a job in another state and can’t afford two mortgages”. “I realized after I bought the house that it costs too much to maintain”. “The School district is not to our liking”. “This house has too much property tax”. “I will pay your mortgage for one year”. “I will buy your house if you buy mine”. “I got bored with lawn mowing”. You can make up a lot of these in order to sell your house.

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