Saturday, September 18, 2010

The Nightmare Traffic on Roads

Traffic is getting worse day by day where I live. We have the same roads being fixed again and again but the numbers of cars (and other vehicles) are increasing at an alarming rate. And if there is an accident, then we have a big nightmare going to work. Unless we start building new highways on top of the already build roads, this traffic nightmare is not going to end. But how do we build when we have a trillion dollar deficit staring us every year. Due to this traffic, we lose millions of man hours sitting in our cars wasting our time waiting for the traffic to clear up. And despite having an excellent train and bus system, we are still driving our cars to work and other places.

Although I acknowledge that driving is fun but it becomes a nightmare when you have to sit through traffic for hours in a commute which should hardly take you half an hour. And then the amount of gasoline that we waste running our cars and harming our environment in the process is not counted. And if there is a road construction then that is another nightmare to consider. During rain and snow conditions, traffic again comes to a standstill. We really need to build more roads and the money can come from increase in federal tax on gasoline. Although I also hate to increase any tax right now but it is a necessary evil which will have to taken either now or in the future to build more roads and ease our traffic nightmares.

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