Monday, September 6, 2010

Is the Health Care Sustainable?

During the debate about health care, a constant theme was about the cost of the bill. Ultimately the bill was passed with much fan fare but without debating how the long term health care costs will be borne out. The United state along with other western countries prides themselves on their health care but is it sustainable in the future without being funded by public money more. Although people don’t want to talk about it but the health care is becoming expensive every day making it the number one issue in the United States. People are clamoring more for the health care making it impossible to cut the health care bill in the future.

A substantial portion of our federal budget is devoted to health care and unless something drastic is done to contain the cost of health care, we won’t be able to sustain it without sacrificing other areas of the budget. An honest debate by politicians should be a start, although it will be almost impossible for the people to elect that politician who cuts their medical benefits but leaving this problem to the next politician will only make it worse. The health care costs are getting out of control and unless everybody starts paying more for it and reduce its expenditure we are in for a time of shock treatment.

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