Thursday, September 30, 2010

It’s Time for a New World Order-3

What are our priorities is highly debatable and will always be with different views of the Republican and Democrats and also of the Military and the Economic teams of the President. But this should be assured that in this day and age where we are accumulating debt and the world is weary of nation to nation wars and the so called non state actors are very active all over the place, we need to make sweeping changes which people are not yet talking about. As I have said in my previous posts we don’t need to keep thousands and thousands of forces in Germany and Japan, since those two countries are mature and economically powerful enough to handle their securities.

Even if we want to keep our forces, it should be in the thousands and not in the tens of thousands now and the host countries should pay for all the expenses since we are should not be paying for it by borrowing money from investors. The Korean peninsula is a case where there should be forces but other than that we should be withdrawing our forces from all the stable countries including Iraq and not Afghanistan and in order to project our power, we should be investing in the navy. Another thing is that we need not treat every region with a prism of national security since we cannot be everywhere because of our financial situation now and also in the future.

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