Saturday, September 11, 2010

The Lure of the United States

No matter what the faults are that people find in the United States (and there are many) it is a fact that it is still the foremost destination of people all over the world. Even in countries that are traditionally well off (like the European and the Middle Eastern rich kingdoms) many of them still wants to come to the United States if given a chance. Even in this economic climate that we are in, if you ask a person (educated or not) from a developing country where he or she wants to migrate, the answer will be United States and then if they are unable to get visas here then the next options are other less restrictive countries. What is that that have made this country such a magnet for immigrants all over the world?

Maybe it is the movies and the culture that shows that even a person with a lower economic back ground can make it here. Despite all the history of the United States (regarding the Native Indians and African Americans and also Chinese) no other country in the world welcomes as many immigrants as the United States does without regard to any discrimination and gives it an opportunity to excel if they can work hard. It tries to integrate them but also lets them celebrate their own ethnicities and nationalities without being frown upon them. It is the welcoming nature of this country that keeps on attracting people here even at the cost of their lives.

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