Friday, September 17, 2010

The Sale Trap

Since this recession, there have been lots of sale going on since the retailers are afraid that they will be stuck with unwanted inventory. But again the sales keep on going on year long and it is this sale trap that the consumers keep falling on. The prices are already marked up high enough since the retailers have to pay fixed overhead and real estate expenses and when the merchandise does not move fast enough, the retailers resort to sale tactics or gimmicks to entice people to buy stuff even if they do not want to.

Don’t people have a little self control and not fall into the sale trap and buy stuff when they don’t even have to. We have been so used to sales that even if we don’t want things we buy them out of the habit that maybe we would not find that kind of sale again. The slogans like the best deals or lowest price of the year or early bird special are just traps to lure already heavily indebted people. But I want to emphasize that the retailers are not the culprit since they have to sell stuff in order to survive but what about the consumers, can’t they show a little bit restraint and not buy stuff and control their impulses. It is hard but it can be done.

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