Friday, September 17, 2010

People are buying

When buying nowadays you would imagine that since there is recession less people would be buying but it seems that whatever people have to buy they will buy since I see long lines on the cashier side. Recession or no recession there will always be people who are employed and the necessities would be taken care of. For example, back to school sale maybe lackluster for retailers but I still saw lot of people buying stuff for their kids. The recession would not stop people from sending their kids to school or starve them of the things they will need for the new school year.

The same can be said about everyday stuff that people need or once in a while they want to indulge, they will continue to buy and on occasions they will have to necessarily spent money. The fact is that the retailers need to reduce their margin of profit in order to compete and lure customers. They have to make an effort to adjust to this new realization of frugal customers. Once the margin of profits is adjusted to realistic levels, then we can see more customers coming in and buying stuff.

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