Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Republican New “Pledge”

So on the verge of what can be said the great victory of 2010, the Republican Party has come out with a new you can say it is a manifesto for what they want to do if they are in control of Congress over the next two years, it has been called “Pledge to America”. To them it may be big programs but by the looks of it, it is the same old stuff. Repeal the health care legislation, reduce taxes, and cut spending. Reduce the budget deficit. But they forget to tell how they are going to do it without discussing the increasing bill for the Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid bills and not to forget the defense bill. They want to get tough with Iran like how invade it like we don’t have enough problems in Iraq and Afghanistan that we need to spend hundreds of billions of dollars to invade another of the messiest places on earth-the Middle East.

To tell you the truth, I am sick of hearing about the same old reruns about how the Republicans are all for tax cuts and spending and small government and how the Democrats are the tax and spend party. Don’t our brilliant representatives in both parties have new or completely fresh ideas to bring to the table? Anyway you see it there is going to be a tax hike (whether we like it or not) spending will not be cut (unless we touch the above mentioned items) and face it there would never be a small government even when the people say otherwise. So unless we hear the truth, this new “Pledge” will remain what it is a “Pledge” without any real teeth to back it up.

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