Thursday, September 30, 2010

It’s Time for a New World Order-4

Right the best thing to do this is to have a major review of our priorities in light of our financial situation and also keeping our strategic interest in perspective. We need not spend time on staging Mideast summits every now and then since there is not going to be any solution to the problem. They are not our major concerns. Our biggest one right now is the threat coming from the Pakistan-Afghanistan area and we should be concentrating our resources there. The forces that are sitting in Japan and Germany should be brought back home completely or be reduced by 80 to 90 percent of what they are now and concentrate on forces already in Korea and deploying naval forces in the international waters near Japan.

Since the non state actors (especially the so called Islamic Terrorists) operating in unstable countries of the Middle East should be dealt with strengthening the regimes fighting them and also concentrating on small rapid deployment commando units to go in and fight and get out as soon as the mission is completed. This is the main issue that should be concerning the U.S. right now. At least with this realignment of our priorities we can reduce our defense budget while at the same time make our military highly concentrated in what is the real threat. As for the rhetoric that the Republican Party will take a tough stance on Iran, we need to understand that if we can target the sanctions with highly precise financial tools, it will be more effective than launching an ill conceived attack and opening up a can of worms which will not be financially, militarily and strategically feasible for us and our allies.

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