Friday, September 17, 2010

Erosion of Skills

If you are unemployed long term, it is natural that you will lose your skills honed over years in office slowly but surely. Just sending out your resume day in and day out without updating or maintaining or even acquiring new skills just erode whatever remains of your skills. The employers can understand that in this economy, a lot of people have lost their jobs and it is hard for them to find a job fast enough. But that is still no excuse to not acquire new skills. Just sending out your resumes doesn’t make you stand out from other more experienced applicants.

In order to stand out from other applicants, you need to keep on constantly updating and acquiring new skills. And you can do that even without spending much money through online courses and just keeping yourself relevant about the progress being made in your field. You can even change your field (but it is really tough) by taking some online and offline courses to show to your prospective employers that you were not just churning out resumes but you were also on your toes keeping your skills relevant. That way you can stand out and be noticed.

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