Friday, September 17, 2010

It’s the Economy, Plain and Simple

The Economy is coming up more and more because of the mid terms elections and the incumbent politicians whose seats are up for grabs are nervous about it. To state is as simple as possible, it is always about the economy. If people don’t have jobs that will translate into losses for the incumbent party no matter what the affiliation. If you see that we had a recession after the first Gulf war and even winning the war did not help the ruling Republican party win the election. Same was true of in 1980 when the Republican Ronald Reagan won the election because there was a recession going on.

This recession that we are currently in is unique in the sense that everybody blue and white collar workers are hurting and the rise of poverty in America has become a troubling state of affairs. People are very angry that we are playing by the rules and allow a free trade economy while every body is taking advantage of us. And to be fair that it is true but people have also to realize that we are not producing that much to begin with, so there will always be an imbalance with the rest of the world unless we shut our selves in. Any way, to sum up the situation, unless the economy gets better, the election will be like a referendum on the current administration policies.

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