Sunday, September 26, 2010

The Elections are coming!

Only few weeks are remaining and then we would have the elections for Congressional seats. By the look of the polls coming out each and every day from different sources, the Republican are all set to gain seats while the Democrats are going to lose big time. But this always happens when the incumbent party is in power (in this case the Democrats). This time around and as many times before, the economy is the main issue. But now we have the so called TEA party people (who may or may not be Republicans) pushing for a change.

This trend is being fueled by not only the economy but what people feel is the sense of the lost of direction the country is going through. This maybe a phenomenon or just a fad, only time will tell. For now the economy is making headlines and you know that when people don’t have jobs they will turn out big time and cast their votes for the people whom they feel will make the economy better. I don’t know if that will immediately happen, but this is a chance to vote your likable (in terms of the policies or agenda) candidate in and see what they can do to change the direction of the economy.

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