Tuesday, December 18, 2012

What is happening in Japan-2?

In addition to xenophobia, the population is ageing so fast that the Japanese will be hard pressed to support it by their social welfare unless there is immigration. But here again since Japan is small and had never had the welcoming attitude towards open immigration, the population will keep on shrinking. Then there is the rigid attitude of the people itself that the schools are turned into rot learning center where the challenge to authority or even questioning someone senior is not heard of. It would have been okay when the Japanese economy was growing, but now it is now so with the change of times, they need to change their attitudes toward learning and education. Furthermore, Japan has the highest national debt as compared to GDP in the industrialized world estimated at more than 200 percent of their GDP. Although the debt is mostly held by Japanese themselves, but still it is a liability that needs to be accounted for. It was not too long ago that the Japanese companies were the envy of the world with world class innovation coming out of Japan. But not anymore, since the rise of Apple ® Inc., things have not been looking too good. Add to that Korea coming up fast and China is emerging as a greater threat. Japan Inc. is now paralyzed and the companies although profitable are trying to find cheaper places to produce their goods instead of the high price Japanese labor. The only remedy that the Japanese government lately is coming out with is to throw money at more social work and create jobs that go with it.

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