Thursday, December 27, 2012

The employed and the entrepreneur-3

Once your work is done in the office (mostly) you can go to your homes and start preparing for the next day. Nothing more is expected of you and your retirement, health and other benefits including vacation, personal and sick days are taken care of. It may seem a lot of safe bet to continue on this path. As I have seen people checking their 401K retirement accounts and sometimes complaining that their money is down due to Wall Street. But if you want these people to risk and even start a part time job on the side like on the weekend, they balk as if stung by a rattle snack. They want to do other stuff or they are not interested in pursuing anything riskier. Spending time with the family, although the best time, does not take away their complaints that their take home salaries are not enough to cover their expenses. Even when offered a chance to supplement their income, they dream about either not having time (although you have to take out time), or their don’t know what to do, or they think that everything that is to be done have been done in business or they want to do something big or don’t have enough money to start a part time business or they will name a number of excuses just to avoid not working on the weekends. I am so tired about hearing people complaining of not finding work and then they are looking for a job for sometimes years and could not find one and then they blame the government (and the economy ) for all the faults that they are unable to land a job.

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