Tuesday, December 25, 2012

The employed and the entrepreneur-2

Although I may have written about it before but as I interact more and more with people and know their fears and apprehensions and their ambitions the more I know how an entrepreneur spirit is evolved. First of all the employed people have an inherent fear of the unknown that is they don’t know where their next paycheck is going to come from that deters them from pursuing the entrepreneur path. They are just frozen at the thought of not getting paid at the end of two weeks and don’t know how to earn a buck outside their protected cocoon. They are comfortable in their lives even if that means working ten to twelve hours a day just to keep their jobs. I have noticed all along that most of the employed people just have to show up and everything is ready for them to start their work. They don’t have to worry about stationery or supplies, computers or printers running out or even to buy a new one. The computer software is updated (somewhat) with the latest Anti Virus software to protect the office data. Even in some offices you get free coffee/tea to smooth your time and even internet is provided if the day is slow enough. You don’t feel lonely as there are several people like you working in the office and you chat with them even while you are working. You have to deal with only one or two bosses and don’t have to worry about developing relationships with clients since this part is already outsourced to account/relationship officers who do the work of going out and marketing the products of your organization. There is a set time to come to work and set time to leave if you are in the non management position but if you are in the management position then time is of no essence to you and your organization. You again get one hour of lunch break unless you are in the management position where you are working and eating at the same time. You sometimes get bonuses and parties and raises if the company has done well. The only thing that is demanded of you is you have to use your brain in order to perform your duties.

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