Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Values are that matter the most

Stereotyping is rampant in the world, we label people not on their values but on what their particular race is known for but this is not correct. It is the values that the parents instill in you that make up a human being, not some preconceived notion that has nothing to do with the ability of the person to perform a particular task. For example if we see someone from Asia, we automatically perceive them to be good in math and science or somebody good in sports or singing to be of a certain race. Anybody with the right upbringing and resources can achieve all of the above without being fit into a stereotype. But still it is very hard to change people's views because most of the people cannot get out of their mindset. This preconceived and built in perception does a lot of damage to people since they have to work hard to prove otherwise. In this matter no matter how hard they try, a single event at a particular time reinforces the stereotype and then you cannot get rid of it. Most of the people refuse to believe that values that parents instill in their kids are way too important and have a positive influence in their lives because if the people do believe that then the whole notion of a set of beliefs will crumble down and then they will have to decipher each person individually which is pretty hard than lumping a bunch of people or race in one category and go along with it. It is the fault of the people that they refuse to budge from their own stubborn views of a race rather than focus on an individual's achievement and values.

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