Monday, December 31, 2012

The employed and the entrepreneur-7

For the entrepreneur, every day is a struggle to develop more contacts, maintain the existing and achieve something more than you did yesterday. Entrepreneurship is not everybody’s cup of tea that is why you see a lot more employees than bosses, but once your company has achieved maturity (many years down the road) you can reap a lot of rewards with it. You see if you work hard in the office, you may or may not get rewarded with bonuses, raises and very rarely a promotion and you are limited to the time the office is opened. But in the entrepreneurship, the more your work, the more you get rewarded in terms of contacts and money. You are not restricted to five days a week and you can and must do work on the weekend, every waking moment in your life is about how you get the next dollar more than you earned before. So there you have it, a brief posts about the differences between an employed person working for somebody else versus the entrepreneur working for himself and being more productive and flexible and versatile in his/her ability to achieve greatness. Although it is also true that majority of the businesses started in any given year end in failure but that does not diminish the lure of entrepreneurship for ones who want to take the risk and earn more money and get more satisfaction out of his life than they working for somebody else.

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