Saturday, December 1, 2012

Coastal areas and flood insurance-2

Now the idea is to deter people in two ways, either they should be given a free hand in building after all the obvious risk but they should be required to develop all the necessary work including roads, plumbing utilities and government should not get involved in any kind of aid and if the storm comes to their areas, the only thing the government has to do is to rescue them to a safe area and that’s about it. The second (told by one of my colleagues) was to not build any building on the barrier islands and it should be made a public beach and the government should charges access fees so that the government will only maintain it through that revenue. Now since the government is allowing the resident to build what they have lost, they are trying to make sure it becomes prohibitively expensive to even think about building it on those islands. Although this idea will resonate with many people (not all of them), the government is now requiring them to get flood insurance which will increase by at most 25 percent (according to some news) and increase every year. Although it would be unfair for people with modest and fixed income to dream about owning a house on the beach but the Federal government flood insurance program is broke and they will have to replenish it to pay for future disasters. I would not comment on it since everybody has different circumstances and have to decide what is best for them regarding rebuilding but it is a fair to say that life would not be the same for many people who have houses on the beach.

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