Saturday, December 8, 2012

Signs of sheer absurdity

I have been noticing a long time while driving around that people have erected signs which does not make sense to me. For example, I saw a sign outside a school, it reads "Bully Free zone" and in another area in the residential part of different towns, "drug free zone" . Now let me get this straight what are these signs. If a school says that it is Bully free zone, does it mean that it is okay to bully someone away from school like even across the street. What are they giving this message that bullying is okay away from school and the responsibility ends at the border of school? I have no idea who came up with this slogan or sign but it must be someone with a very limited vision (even for a town or people in it). Now the next sign drug free zone is more absurd than the first one. It shows that drugs are not allowed in that area but it is okay that you can do drugs in other areas. Who comes up with this sign is clearing just looking after their own neighborhood. And who can define what a zone is? Maybe it can be a few houses on the block or you can still do drugs just in the next neighborhood because someone in that neighborhood forgets to put up this absurd sign. Bullying and Drugs are not allowed anywhere and that is the message these signs should convey broadly instead of putting up these signs which shows lack of vision and farsightedness. I am sure you may have seen other signs similar to the ones I mentioned above and you would see plenty of absurd ones in the future.

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