Saturday, December 1, 2012

It’s a cultural thing

Have you ever noticed that if someone is doing something peculiar out of the norm and it looks like he/she maybe doing it right according to you then if you correct them, they will say that they have been doing it for a long time in their respective culture. Culture is a very powerful thing and it brings cohesive to societies and communities. Even in one country, there are different types of culture reflecting the different areas they come from. It is not uniform throughout one nation. Anything done outside the culture is frowned upon by members of that culture. It may or may not be the right one but at least that is how it is done in different cultures and one cannot superimpose their believes and values on others without offending them or being arrogant about your righteousness. I have seen different cultures in my life time including Arabs (even in them you will find difference among nations), the Far Eastern culture (Hong Kong, Thailand and Japan) the South East culture (Pakistan), the British and French culture, all of the above have something important to add to the world history and it is fascinating to see how much diverse things you can see among them. For the people in the U.S. fortunately you don’t have to go to all these places since living in big cities of Chicago, Los Angeles, Houston, New York, Florida you will find all these culture with a touch of America in them. You can learn a lot about cultures from other people and you should be open minded about it lest your judgment, prejudice (whatever you want to call it) stops you from enjoying this fascinating part of human from other parts of the world.

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