Wednesday, December 19, 2012

And truth will set you free or get you into a whole lot of trouble

While we keep on emphasizing that we should always speak the truth and the kids should never lie about anything, but in reality truth is harder to say than preached. Although truth may hurt initially but it does help you in the long run. But again sometimes people lie not because they love to lie but to protect their loved ones from the harmful effects if they speak the truth. Same goes with the politicians, everybody know that it is very rare that Politicians speak the truth because if they do, they would not get elected. It is easier for them to lie or to say in a nicer way fudge facts so that they can either get elected or know that it will hurt their constituency in the short run. Kids lie because it is easier for them not to get into trouble because even if the parents say that they will not punish them, they end up doing it anyway. This gives the kids more time to stay out of trouble. Same thing with the Politicians and other people because truth is sometimes so painful that people tend to lie so that it does not blow in the faces of their intended audience. Here I am not defending that you should always lie so that you may have more time or pray that nobody finds out about the truth but my point is telling the truth can bring its own set of troubles.

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